InSight Knowledge Management Systems (IKMS) is committed to providing enterprise knowledge management solutions that enable end users to maximize leverage and control of, and access to their corporate information assets.   

IKMS offers a full suite of competitively priced professional services and sensible information management solutions.  IKMS aids organizations and the people who work for them with management of information resources. IKMS has solutions for analog and digital media, and include development of record-keeping practices, retention schedules, and filing systems; record center administration, vital records identification, legacy data conversion, custom programming, training, and comprehensive remote records management.  Partnering with regional record centers and utilizing our own high-speed data communications center, we also offer a comprehensive remote records administration program.     

IKMS has extensive experience in the implementation, installation and configuration in a variety of commercial and government sites across the country. IKMS’ resource estimates and assignment of appropriately skilled personnel --we have the right people for the job.