HPRM (HP Records Manager)
IKMS is a HP Business Alliance Partner for HPRM (HP Records Manager). HPRM is the only DoD 5015.2-STD certified records management application software that does not require pairing with other applications to provide full EDRMS functionality.

Continuous Protection
Through an exclusive partnership IKMS offers leading edge technology that will revolutionize the way the enterprise preserves and retrieves its vital information.
Continuous Protection brings the critical accuracy of forensic accounting methods to business systems applications and internet security, while offering decreased overhead and increased speed and access to vital information. Superior to any data preservation and retrieval system implemented today, this product ensures there are no missed intervals, making it the only truly reliable, long-term, rapidly recoverable application storage method available to date.

Complete Disaster Recovery
IKMS is able to provide complete off site replication and recovery of critical system wide data sets. In response to catastrophic failure, IKMS can bring the entire selected set of systems back within minutes. Total recovery is a real outcome, not just a dream.

Physical Storage
IKMS provides complete secure off site storage for all physical records.

Network/Security Solutions
IKMS has a team of fully certified network and security integration experts. Fully capable of meeting the most demanding network system demands.

  Remote Server/Hosting and Records Management
IKMS provides and maintains remote servers, network software, HPRM, SQL Db, data storage, backup/recovery, 24/7 record access and a certified network and administrative records management staff.